Chamber Music Ensembles
2022 - 2023

TCSYO is thrilled to open registration for its Chamber Ensemble Program 2022/23. TCSYO will continue to provide quality and structured Chamber Music to its talented young musicians this coming season. Please continue reading to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.

What is chamber music: Chamber music is a form of classical music composed for a small group of musicians, each with their own part to play. The name comes from centuries ago when small groups of musicians were hired to fit a palace "chamber." It is "the music of friends," and is often described as a "musical conversation," often played just for fun when musicians gather. Playing chamber music requires special skills, which differ from those required to play solo or in an orchestra including:  

Collaboration: Chamber Music involves working together equally, sharing opinions and striving to come together to make something beautiful and working towards a common goal. Each individual voice is important, and so is the collaboration of the voices together.

Leadership: There is no conductor! Each member of the group has to be the leader at different times to help the group come together.

Responsibility: When there is only one student to a part, there is no ability to hide and each student must be responsible for learning his or her music! With such a small ensemble, attendance and punctuality also become very important; students must be responsible for regular, faithful attendance and being on time for rehearsals.

Intonation: In small ensembles, students must focus and learn the skill of playing in tune.

Performance Skills: The ability to perform in front of an audience is another skill that is honed in chamber music. Control of performance nerves translates to auditions, interviews, presentations, and any type of public speaking.

And… it’s FUN!: Chamber Music is a great combination of playing music and spending time with friends!

Chamber music is a team effort and one that requires each musician's personal commitment to give their best. Communicating with fellow players, learning to trust one another, finding one’s own musical voice, and making musical decisions together democratically is a wonderful and important experience for young people to have.

Students who are accepted into the Chamber and Symphonic Orchestras have an opportunity to register for the Chamber Ensemble Program. The registration sign-up form can be downloaded HERE and will also be sent to CO/SO members in August. The registration form should be returned to TCSYO via Email or brought to the first orchestra rehearsal in September (Fall Semester) or in January (Spring Semester). No payment is due with the registration form. Payment will be due if/when you are selected for a chamber group.

Chamber groups rehearse on a weekly basis at Katherine Johnson Middle School one hour prior to the scheduled orchestra rehearsals on Monday evenings. Each group will rehearse every week on its own and the coach assigned to your group will arrange to meet with the group at least once a month.

There will be several opportunities for performance throughout the year. Chamber music groups will perform at the end of each semester at one of the following locations: Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, Richard J. Ernst Theatre or Rachel M. Schlesinger Hall.

The ensemble experience is dependent on the commitment and attendance of each member to both rehearsals and performances. More than three absences will result in dismissal from the group for the remainder of the semester. In the event of an absences you are responsible for notifying TCSYO, your coach and all fellow ensemble members. The other members of your group will continue to meet - without you that week.

All students and families are expected to conduct themselves in a collegial and cooperative manner. Communication and commitment among Chamber Music ensemble members and coaches is extremely important to the success of the group.

Tuition covers compensation for our coaches, as well as costs associated with TCSYO' performances and rehearsal space. Please do not make a payment until you learn whether or not you are placed in an ensemble. Financial aid could be available for families that need assistance.

Tuition (each semester): $400.00
Chamber Group Registration Form: HERE

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