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The Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestras

The SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA is the premier orchestra of The Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestras. Membership is reserved for outstanding players who demonstrate exceptional musicianship, have attained advanced techniques, and are capable of the discipline necessary to perform in a pre-professional orchestral setting. Members of the SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA range in age from 14 to 18 and are chosen through competitive auditions held each spring.

The SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA separates itself from other youth orchestras in the Washington D.C. area through its unique rehearsal configuration. It alternates weeks of intense sectionals during the first half of the rehearsal, at which time the woodwinds, brass and percussion sections work with TCSYO’s Artistic Specialists. The string students benefit from these sessions as well working with Violinist/Conductor Dr. Cheri Collins on ensemble playing techniques, left-hand fluency, and right-hand music making, giving students the opportunity to achieve a high level of musicianship over the shortest period of time. TCSYO’s distinct focus is on student learning and giving our musicians a commanding perception of orchestral ensemble playing. All musicians must pass an audition to be accepted to TCSYO’s SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA.
Rehearsals: Monday evenings 7-9:30 p.m.

Photograph by:Truong Ly . . . .

GMU Center for the Arts Concert Hall, March 16, 2015 - TCSYO Symphonic Orchestra

The CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is one of the most sought- after musical destinations for aspiring young string students. TCSYO’s CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is open to string students ranging in age from 12 to 15 from public and private schools who have had at least four years of private instruction on their instrument. Artistic Music Director/Conductor Dr. Cheri Collins teaches a fun and enriching curriculum for students, with a focus on music making, ensemble playing and right and left hand techniques. Dedicated, professional musicians from the greater Washington DC area will provide sectionals and share their expertise with students. Leadership skills will be fostered to encourage students to enhance their school string orchestra programs. Students will perform three concerts during the season for family, friends and the community.

All musicians must pass an audition to be accepted to TCSYO’s CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. Auditions are required and will be scheduled after a completed registration form has been received.
Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings 7-9:00 p.m.

Photograph by:M. Czuczor......................

The Kennedy Center Terrace Theater Concert January 20, 2013 TCSYO Chamber Orchestra

TCSYO’s PRELUDE ORCHESTRA will provide elementary and middle school-aged string students with their first exposure to string orchestra training. Students must read music and have at least two years of playing experience on their instruments.

TCSYO’s PRELUDE ORCHESTRA season includes weekly rehearsals, sectionals and performances at local concert halls. The orchestra is designed to introduce and put into practice the foundations of string orchestra playing. Students continuously work on ensemble playing, and specific bowing techniques, such as spiccato, martelé, hooked bowings and legato.

All musicians must pass an audition to be accepted to the PRELUDE ORCHESTRA.
Rehearsals: Monday evenings 7-8:30 p.m.

Photograph by:M. Czuczor.

Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall Concert March 16, 2017 TCSYO Prelude Orchestra

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